Algenol Takes One Ton of CO2, Gives Back 144 Gallons of Fuel

Algenol Biofuels cultivates algae to make fuel, using only CO2, sunlight, saltwater and a few nutrients in the company’s proprietary photobioreactors. With one ton of CO2 Algenol can produce 144 gallons of four different fuels:

  • 125 gallons of ethanol
  • 8 gallons of diesel
  • 6 gallons of gasoline
  • 5 gallons of jet fuel

By making fuels from CO2 that would have otherwise been sent into the atmosphere, Algenol have a large impact on the overall carbon footprint of our economy.

A peer reviewed analysis of Algenol’s technology found reductions of up to 87 percent in the carbon footprint for their ethanol fuel on a energy equivalent basis when compared to gasoline. That’s an enormous improvement over the fossil fuels we use today, and one that we should absolutely pursue if we want to be serious about cutting greenhouse gas emission.

Algenol is looking to quickly expand into commercial production, and wants to partner with power producers and other industrial sources for waste carbon dioxide.

Regulations that support this kind of carbon recycling would provide states and sources of private capital with the confidence to invest in highly promising CO2 solutions like this, while helping to create a market for CO2 that reduces the cost of complying with greenhouse gas reduction targets.

Check out Algenol’s CEO Paul Woods describe the impact that using waste CO2 to create fuels could have on our economy and efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


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